Enviropeat - 22kg Bale

SKU: 11-1001
Enviropeat - 22kg Bale
Enviropeat - 22kg Bale

Enviropeat - 22kg Bale

SKU: 11-1001
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A born eco-warrior, Enviropeat has an exceptional ability to absorb, retain and break down oil spills.

100% natural, its waxy surface means it floats so it’s ideal for shoreline clean-ups, helping protect our environment and aquatic life. Easy to dispense and retrieve, each compacted bale absorbs up to 55L.

Enviropeat is no slouch on land either, dealing with oil spills on grass, gravel, or other uneven surfaces without raising a sweat. Sprinkle on, and after it has done its work, sweep or rake up, then dispose of in a handy Hazardous Waste Bag.

• Easy to dispense. Easy to retrieve.
• Highly effective on land or water
• Naturally sourced pollution fighter
• 100% natural
• 22kg bale
• Absorbs up to 55L per bale
• Compressed for maximum value

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