The 20-Year Chemshed Warranty

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Introducing peace of mind

A Chemshed dangerous goods store is built to the degree of quality it is, to give you the user, something you can’t put a price on, peace of mind.

When you purchase a Chemshed, you can rest assured that what you’re getting is no copy or cheap imitation - a Chemshed is designed from scratch. It’s an original, high quality product for securely storing your hazardous substances. Every component and every feature has been painstakingly thought through, tested and trialled in real-world situations, before being proven across many tough and demanding situations.

Because of this, we have absolute confidence that your Chemshed will be a sound investment for you, for many years to come.

To guarantee that peace of mind, from the day your Chemshed arrives at your site, the unit is covered by the unique Chemshed warranty for 20 years.

What is the warranty?

The Chemshed warranty provides an assurance, that if any defects arise over that 20-year period due to design, construction or workmanship issues, your store will be repaired or if deemed necessary, replaced at no charge to the user.

What products does it apply to?

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04-1064 04-1072 04-1204 04-1143 04-1126 04-1110
04-1065 04-1073 04-1300 04-1144 04-1113 04-1108
04-1066 04-1074 04-1301 04-1146 04-1030 04-1109
04-1067 04-1200 04-1302 04-1091 04-1096 04-1098
04-1069 04-1201 04-1140 04-1092 04-1099 04-1121
04-1070 04-1202 04-1141 04-1119 04-1114 04-1122

A full list of products covered by our Chemshed 20-year warranty is available here.

What is the benefit of a warranty?

The most important aspect of having the 20-year warranty is peace of mind. You might find that an imitation unit is slightly less expensive than a Chemshed, but this warranty will far outweigh any cost difference. You can rest assured that if repairs are needed due to faulty workmanship issues, those repairs come at no cost to you. 

What if I didn’t have the warranty?

Your Chemshed will be working hard for a long time, and most models have a lot of moving parts and other technical components. The last thing you need is for one of these to fail due to manufacturing or workmanship issues, and to remain compliant the cost could be on you.

Because a Chemshed is a unique design, replacement components are not readily available at your local hardware store. Having a Chemshed warranty means you don’t waste your time sourcing and installing parts, we’ll take care of everything- this means less downtime and stress for you. 

What doesn’t the warranty cover?

Like anything, your Chemshed will show signs of general wear and tear over time, like scuffs and scratches, worn components etc., particularly in situations of heavy and/or repeated use. The intent of the Chemshed warranty doesn’t cover what is considered to be normal expected wear and tear.

It is the user’s responsibility that your Chemshed is adequately protected from the weather elements, particularly in the case of indoor storage cabinets. Corrosion from exposure to the weather isn’t covered by this warranty.

Finally, it is also up to the user to ensure any non-compatible chemicals are not stored inside your Chemshed. This warranty doesn’t cover issues resulting from the storage of extremely corrosive or oxidizing chemicals which have adversely impacted the construction of the store.

Activating your warranty

All Chemshed products come with 20-year warranty form when they arrive on site. If the Chemshed 20-year warranty was not in your cabinet upon arrival you can download a new form here.

To activate your warranty, simply fill in the form and once completed send to We will acknowledge your form by providing you with a warranty number to use should you have any issues in the future. Your Chemshed 20-year warranty will be active when you receive your warranty number and will backdate to date the unit arrived at your site.

We know your Chemshed will be one of the most valuable assets you purchase for securing your hazardous substances and look forward to welcoming you among the thousands of other satisfied owners and users of a Chemshed.

The Chemshed 20-year warranty was introduced on the 1st January 2019 and applies to models sold from that date. If you purchased a Chemshed prior to this date, the warranty period is 24 months from date of purchase.

Creating safer working environments

At Hazero our mission is zero hazards. Our extensive range of quality products will help you store, contain and control and clean-up dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

View our full range of Chemshed Cabinets here.

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