These Controlco Speciality Spill Kits provide the ability to deal with extreme and specialist clean-ups, including dangerous liquids like mercury, and bio-hazards such as blood and other bodily fluids.

    Every precaution should be taken in the event of these spills, and Controlco Specialty Spill Kits provide the best solution to getting things cleaned up and disposed of safely – limiting potential harm and ensuring compliance.

    Absolutely essential for science labs, educational and health facilities, restaurants, first responders and corrections facilities.

    Create a safer working environment with Controlco Specialty Spill Kits.

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    Body Fluid Spill Kit (13-2000)
    Biohazard Spill Kit (13-2001)
    Laboratory Spill Kit (13-2002)
    Sharps Kit (13-2003)
    Mercury Spill Kit - 25ml (13-2008)
    Cytotoxic Spill Kit (13-2011)
    On backorder
    Formaldehyde Spill Kit (13-2012)
    Biosecurity Kit (13-1025)