Professionals working with explosives understand the need for safety first and meticulous attention to detail. The Chemshed Explosives boxes and cabinets range is trusted by some of the best in this country – in mines, quarries and in the pyrotechnics industry. Designed to hold Class 1 explosives very securely, they provide high levels of protection against: theft, misuse, accidental detonation, or damage.

    Available in sizes from portable day boxes - for use on the job - right up to super-robust 200kg storage cabinets, they are all built to comply with the design requirements of AS2187.1-1998.

    Create a safer working environment with Chemshed Explosive boxes and cabinets.

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    Chemshed Explosives Storage Day Box - 10kg (04-1120)
    Chemshed Explosives Storage Day Box - 20kg (04-1121)
    Chemshed Explosives Storage Cabinet - 100kg (04-1122)
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    Chemshed Explosives Storage Cabinet - 200kg (04-1123)