Widely-used in the plastics and rubber industries, Class 5.2 Organic Peroxides are highly unstable and need special care when storing. Chemshed’s Organic Peroxide cabinet range is specifically designed and engineered to minimise friction, heat, and chemical cross contamination – minimising the chance of explosive reactions and protecting staff and property.

    Deliberately over-engineered,  they provide a higher level of safety certainty and security against theft or misuse. Available in a range of sizes from 30L to 160L, these cabinets comply with the design requirements of AS2714-2008.

    Create a safer working environment with Chemshed Organic Peroxide cabinets.

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    Chemshed Organic Peroxide Cabinet - 30L (04-1300)
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    Chemshed Organic Peroxide Cabinet - 100L (04-1301)
    Chemshed Organic Peroxide Cabinet - 160L (04-1302)