Loose Absorbents

    Kitty litter is great. If you’re actually a kitty.

    But these specialist loose absorbents are the best practice option when dealing with everything from bodily fluids to oils, contaminants, and hazardous substances.

    Providing superior spill absorbance for quick and efficient clean-up, they minimise the risk of bio-hazard and health issues, contamination and slips and work brilliantly even where surfaces are bumpy or porous.

    A key element in Hazero Spill Kits, our range of Loose Absorbents include; Body Fluid Powder, Mineral Sponge, Enviropeat, Rocksorb, Amphomag and Absorbent W.

    Create a safer working environment with Loose Absorbents.

    11 products
    Body Fluid Powder - 1kg Tub (13-2004)
    Body Fluid Powder - 5kg Tub (13-2005)
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    Mineral Sponge - 2.5kg Bag (12-1003)
    Mineral Sponge - 9kg Bag (14L) (12-1002)
    Mineral Sponge - 14kg Bag (22L) (12-1001)
    Enviropeat - 9kg Bag (11-1003)
    Enviropeat - 22kg Bale (11-1001)
    Amphomag Neutraliser (12-1018)
    Absorbent W - Oil Only (12-1020)
    Hazero Rocksorb - 4L (12-1022)
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    Hazero Rocksorb - 20L (12-1023)