Overpack Drums

    The safe handling and transporting of leaking hazardous waste or dangerous goods doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

    Available in three convenient sizes the New Pig Overpack range safely secures damaged containers whether it’s for disposal, transfer or containment in the short to medium term.

    Made in 100% polyethylene and designed to exacting standards, the New Pig Overpack is suitable for acids and corrosives and can even be used for damaged, contaminated parts. A twist down, half turn lid provides a good, solid barrier between the contents and staff, the workplace, and the environment. Definitely a handy thing to have on site – just in case.

    Create a safer working environment with New Pig Overpack Drums. 

    3 products
    New Pig Overpack Drum - 20L (03-1003)
    New Pig Overpack Drum - 100L (03-1001)
    New Pig Overpack Drum - 200L (03-1000)