Corrosive Liquids

    Effective storage of Class 8 corrosive substances is all about respect. Damaging to everything from human tissue to metal, corrosives need to be segregated and stored appropriately – and never, ever above eye level.

    Chemshed Corrosive cabinets are the first line of defence, contributing to the safe management of these products and the wellbeing of everyone in the workplace. Sturdy and fit-for-purpose the cabinets range from 30L to 250L and provide secure storage for a variety of sizes of containers, reducing the threat of accidental damage or potential misuse.

    All Chemshed Corrosive cabinets are built to comply with the design requirements of AS3780.

    Create a safer working environment with Chemshed Corrosive cabinets.

    5 products
    Chemshed Corrosive Cabinet - 30L (04-1070)
    Chemshed Corrosive Cabinet - 60L (04-1071)
    Chemshed Corrosive Cabinet - 100L (04-1072)
    Chemshed Corrosive Cabinet - 160L (04-1073)
    Chemshed Corrosive Cabinet - 250L (04-1074)