Spill Kit Accessories

Spill Kit Accessories

23 products

    These accessories won’t be on any red carpets, but they are essential. The spill kit accessory range complements the Hazero Spill Kits and covers everything from gloves and protective overalls to hazard tape and wheeled bins and covers. All the crucial items of kit needed to work behind the scenes to keep people safe, including hazardous waste bags - which you can never have too many of.

    In the event of an emergency, the document holder and the spill kit location signs are both worth their weight in gold. And while the brush and pan set and non-spark shovel might seem a bit “yeah, nah” when the chips (or something much, much worse) are down, they’ll help get the job done.

    Create a safer working environment with Spill Kit Accessories.  

    23 products
    Wheeled Bin - Yellow - 120L (14-1005)
    Wheeled Bin - Blue - 120L (14-1004)
    Wheeled Bin - Red - 120L (14-1003)
    Wheeled Bin - Yellow - 240L (14-1002)
    Wheeled Bin - Blue - 240L (14-1001)
    Wheeled Bin - Red - 240L (14-1000)
    Hazero Weather and Security Cover - Orange - 100L (14-1030O)
    Hazero Weather and Security Cover - Orange - 200L (14-1031O)
    Safety Gloves - (Nitrile Protective) (14-1007)
    Safety Gloves - PVC (Red) 27 cm (14-1110)
    Safety Gloves - PVC (Red) 45 cm (14-1007R)
    Protective Coveralls (14-1009)
    Protective Coveralls - Premium (14-1088)
    Safety Glasses - Clear (14-1111)
    Safety Goggles - Premium (14-1010)
    Face Mask with P2 Valve (14-1029)
    Hazard Tape - 75mm x 100m (14-1011)
    Brush and Pan Set (14-1012)
    Stock due - call for lead times
    Non Spark Shovel (MI-1004)
    Hazero Hazardous Waste Bags (14-1006)
    Spill Kit Location Sign (14-1032)
    Hazero Drum Plug - 250g (22-1005)
    Hazero Drum Plug - 1kg (22-1003)
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