Sorbent Pillows

    Despite the name, Hazero Sorbent Pillows are definitely not soft on spills.

    In fact, they’re the toughest, most thorough response to soaking up chemicals or hazardous liquids you’ll find; protecting people, the environment and marine life just by being there.

    Available in Oil OnlyGeneral Purpose or Chemical, there’s a sorbent pillow to help avoid almost every kind of potential disaster. Lightweight and highly absorbent, with a durable outer, they are trouble-free to deploy and get the job done.

    Hazero Sorbent Pillows are a key product in the Hazero Spill Kits.

    Create a safer working environment with Hazero Sorbent Pillows.

    3 products
    Hazero Sorbent Pillow - Oil Only (09-1000)
    Hazero Sorbent Pillow - General Purpose (09-1001)
    Hazero Sorbent Pillow - Chemical (09-1002)