Emergency Safety Shower with Hand Operated Eye Wash

SKU: 18-1000
Emergency Safety Shower with Hand Operated Eye Wash

Emergency Safety Shower with Hand Operated Eye Wash

SKU: 18-1000
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Sturdy and highly effective these free-standing, Australian-made units are installed in a range of organisations and industries where dangerous goods are used, stored or transit through.

A unit should be within 10 seconds walk of any area of potential contamination. If that sounds serious it’s because it is. In the event of an accident, these units are there to save people from the harmful effects of corrosives and acids particularly. “Better safe than sorry” might be a bit over-used. But not in this case. Trust us, no-one wants to be dealing with people with acid in their eyes or burns on their skin. Please everyone, get one, or more now.

Assembly required.

Replacement valve: 18-1014

12 month warranty. 

• Quickly and safely flush contaminants from eyes and face
• Easy to operate
• Space efficient
• Self-draining design reduces Legionella risk, particularly in tepid water applications
• Complies with the requirements of ANSI Z358.1 and AS4775
• 316 Stainless steel pipe work and stay-open ball Valve
• 316 Stainless steel 200mm (8") shower head assembly
• 316 Stainless steel handle with high-visibility yellow powder coating
• Push activated eye wash with integral auto-open dust covers
• Weight: 10.6kgs
• Dimensions: 2,320mm (height from base to top of shower)

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