Chemshed Toxic Cabinet - 30L

SKU: 04-1140
Chemshed Toxic Cabinet - 30L
Chemshed Toxic Cabinet - 30L
Chemshed Toxic Cabinet - 30L

Chemshed Toxic Cabinet - 30L

SKU: 04-1140
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Class 6 toxic substances take the need for care to a new level. It’s essential to be at the top of your game, even storing small amounts.

This compact cabinet is the answer - keeping staff safe from potentially harmful or even lethal contents. We’d recommend siting it close to a water supply and effective hand washing facilities. (And, it goes without saying - nowhere near food.)

Additional shelf: 04-1063P
Wall Bracket: 04-10613

• Built to store just what you need
• Lockable, self-closing door
• One adjustable shelf (plus base)
• Extra safety built-in
• All-round dependability and proven performance
• Supplied with class 6 decals
• Built to comply with the requirements of AS/NZ4452 standard
• Sump capacity: 23L
• Weight: 33kgs
• Internal dimensions: 553 x 418 x 370mm (h,w,d)
• External dimensions: 800 x 500 x 450mm (h,w,d)

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