Chemshed Agrichemical Cabinet - 250L

SKU: 04-1146
Chemshed Agrichemical Cabinet - 250L
Chemshed Agrichemical Cabinet - 250L
Chemshed Agrichemical Cabinet - 250L

Chemshed Agrichemical Cabinet - 250L

SKU: 04-1146
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The modern, compliant, workable solution to storing agricultural chemicals every farm should have. Full stop. No exceptions. Weatherproof, vermin proof, and tamper proof it protects farmers from theft, misuse, and worse. And it can be used in sheds or outdoors, just so long as you stick to the rules about not locating it near waterways, boundaries, sleepouts etc. Common sense, really, but it pays to check. The cabinet is tough, the design is great, and the superior ventilation is especially good news for anyone who can remember opening an old-school ag. chem. storage cupboard!

• Forklift movable (when empty)
• Fully bunded – because our rural environment is worth protecting
• Weather seal around internal door rim for outdoor protection
• Holds a variety of containers up to 20L
• Two adjustable shelves (plus base)
• Supplied with 2WE hazard labelling and other decals required for secure storage
• 150mm liquid sump
• Weight: 150kgs
• External dimensions: 1,875 x 755 x 850mm (h,w,d)

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Chemshed Agrichemical Cabinet - 250L (04-1146)
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