Spill Kits - 100L and 200L

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What is a Spill Kit?
We always say there are two types: a spill kit and a good spill kit!

A spill kit is designed to give the user the ability to contain and clean-up a hazardous substance spill. A good spill kit will do that but will also give the user the confidence that the contents are applicable for the substances in question (i.e., won’t react) and will work rapidly when put into action. The contents of a ‘good spill kit’ will always be action-ready because they won’t break down or go off when stored over time.

100L Spill Kits
This size could be best described as the little ambulance. The kit that carries the capacity to tend to upwards of 100 litres if spilt liquid, it can be rushed to the point of the incident in no time at all. Stationed inside or out (with a recommended Weather Cover!), this kit is perfect for workplaces that have small to medium levels of liquids on site, but could still cause an unwanted and potentially dangerous situation if they spilt.

200L Spill Kits
If the smaller kit was an ambulance, this kit is more like the fire truck! Designed to respond to those larger, more challenging spill incidents, the wheeled kit can be quickly brought into the action to tackle spills of up to 200 litres. Ideal for service stations / fuel depots, chemical storage areas, production facilities and pretty much anywhere large amounts of hazchems are stored, transferred, or put to use.

Starter, Everyday, or a Premium Spill Kit?
The Controlco range is split into three levels, to best suit the needs of all businesses, situations and budgets.

The Starter range is the entry level offering: there to make sure mild spills are brought under control, but with simple products and within budget. Available in Oil Only and General Purpose.

The Everyday range are the most commonly supplied kits. Packed with sorbents that go the extra mile and last that much longer, the spill kits capacity is also backed up with more PPE to protect responders. Available in Oil Only, General Purpose, and Chemical.

Premium spill kits provide the ultimate peace of mind. This range brings state of the art absorbents, and couples them with other specialist components like weather covers and drain protectors, to provide you with the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency. Available in Oil Only, General Purpose, and Chemical.

Where should I put a Spill Kit?
Spill kits should be located as close as practical to the point of a potential spill incident. This could be in a storage room, near a dispensing area, or alongside a fuel tank. Inside or outside, just make sure there’s one there when you need it to be, as you never really know when!

Do Spill Kits expire?
The Everyday and Premium spill kits contain synthetic absorbents, that don’t break down and therefore technically never expire. They should be as effective as they day you purchased them.

The Starter range of spill kits do have a shelf life, as they include organic absorbents such as the Natural Absorbent Fibre. While this is an amazing absorbent, being organic, it does break down over time. Therefore we suggest these kits are replaced approximately every 3 years.

What is the difference between Oil Only, General Purpose, and Chemical sorbents?
It is important to know the difference between the 3 types of sorbent products – noting that the same terminology is also used for spill response kits.

  • Oil Only: will repel water and selectively absorb oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons. Typically used in marine situations. White in colour.
  • General Purpose: also known as General Purpose, will absorb the above liquids but also water-soluble liquids as well, such as coolants, brake fluid, paints, and mild chemicals. Grey in colour.
  • Chemical: designed to absorb all the above but also most of the nasty acids, alkalis, and other harsh chemicals. Bright yellow for hazard recognition.

Oil Only, General Purpose or Chemical – what do I need?
Our Polypropylene Compatibility Guide can help you choose the right sorbent to control and clean-up your hazardous substance. Download the guide here.

Creating safer working environments

At Hazero our mission is zero hazards. Our extensive range of quality products will help you store, contain and control and clean-up dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

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