Drum Trolley – An Overview

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What is a Drum Trolley? 

The Hazero Drum Trolley (01-1029), is truly an amazing unit – one that will transform the challenges of moving heavy drums around your workplace.  Featuring a u-shaped drum platform, the Hazero Drum Trolley is not only a useful tool for transporting drums, but it also has the ability to act as a safe decanting station, all the while providing a massive 250 litres of spill containment capacity – more than the entire contents of the whole drum.

How does a Hazero Drum Trolley create a safer working environment?

The Hazero Drum Trolley’s well-balanced design ensures heavy drums are easy to tilt and then transport, minimising the risks of back strain and injury that are a very real factor when manually moving large drums of oil and chemical. 

When it comes to dispensing, the Drum Trolley features a large dispensing area at the front, and any spills that may occur during this process, are safely contained within the unit. Lockable castors keep the unit stable and secure in any decanting situations.

The unit can be simply stored in the vertical position, to save floor space when not in use.

How does the Hazero Drum Trolley go with hazardous chemicals?

The Hazero Drum Trolley is a double-walled design that ensures optimum strength and security against leaks and spills. The construction is 100% polyethylene which gives it excellent qualities for working with some of the harshest chemicals in use today.

Have a look at our polyethylene chemical compatibility guide, to double check this unit is suitable for use with the hazardous chemicals in your situation.

Will Hazero Drum Trolleys rust? 

No – the tough nature of polyethylene ensures that the unit will never rust or corrode. It is also highly UV-resistant so can be used outdoors (just ensure the sump is kept free from rainwater!).

If there is a spill, how can I empty/clean the Hazero Drum Trolley?

The spill containment area beneath the drum cradle is open and very easy to access. The design of the Hazero Drum Trolley directs spills towards the front of the unit allowing them to be simply cleaned out with absorbent pads or other materials. 

Watch our short video

Watch our short video on the Hazero Drum Trolley here.

The Hazero Shield of Honour

The Hazero Shield of Honour is more powerful than a “lifetime guarantee”.

It means our reputation is on the line not only when a product is sold, but every single time it is used. If the product doesn’t meet your expectations over the next 99 years, we or our descendants (we’re a multi-generational company), will refund, replace, or repair it. Free of charge.

You don’t need a receipt. Or even a reason. No questions asked.

Naturally, that’s so long as you use your Hazero product as intended and in accordance with existing legislation.

Shield your people. Shield your business.

Creating safer working environments

At Hazero our mission is zero hazards. Our extensive range of quality products will help you store, contain and control and clean-up dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

View our Hazero Drum Trolley here.

Need help creating a safer working environment? Contact our team today on 0800 688 844 or email us at help@hazero.co.nz. Our team are also available for on-site assessments across New Zealand, click here to request a site visit.

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