Chemshed Cabinet Survives Fire

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On a May morning in 2018, the Repco branch in Te Kuiti was destroyed after a fire broke out. 

Repco Te Kuiti


During the blaze, the main road was closed off while 25 fire fighters battled the fire to prevent it from impacting other businesses nearby. The heat quickly reached a point that caused the steel structure to fail and the building’s roof to collapse. 

Repco Te Kuiti sold a variety of products that contained combustible materials, including oils, paints and other flammable liquids. Significant damage was caused to the interior and exterior of the store, yet miraculously their Chemshed Flammable Cabinet (04-1067) survived the fire! 

Chemshed Cabinet Survives Fire

The majority of products inside the store were either severely damaged or destroyed and while the Chemshed Flammable Cabinet suffered burns to the top half of the unit, the structure remained intact and the contents within unharmed.
The Chemshed Flammable Cabinet was being used to store class 3 flammable liquids including, paint thinner and engine coolant, in the store’s warehouse. Given the very volatile nature of the products, had these liquids not been stored in the Chemshed Flammable Cabinet, they would have contributed to accelerating the fire with the high likelihood of causing significantly more damage. If your premises suffered a similar fate, would your flammable liquids be as secure as this?

Creating safer working environments

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