Storm Sentinel - Square

SKU: 22-1011
Storm Sentinel - Square

Storm Sentinel - Square

SKU: 22-1011
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If there’s a drain nearby and there are hydrocarbons being stored, particularly outdoors, these simple but effective guards are the ideal pre-emptive strike - preventing sediment entering the storm water system.

The adjustable catch basin is easily installed and removed, and sits out of sight below the drain grate. The very clever oil absorbing mini boom ensures any small hydrocarbons spills are captured.

Regular checking of the Storm Sentinel is recommended. (A log sheet supplied with each unit makes it easy.) Most units will perform for 3-6 months but where there are heavy sediment loads it may be less than that. Check regularly, and maybe buy a few extra.

• Efficient, reliable secondary or tertiary storm water contamination protection
• Durable, quality design and construction
• Easy to install and easy to remove
• Fits rectangular drains from 406 x 580mm up to 711 x 914mm
• Holds up to 20kg of dry sediment
• Holds up to 55kg of wet sediment
• Hangs 560mm into the drain

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