Storm Sentinel - Round

SKU: 22-1010
Storm Sentinel - Round

Storm Sentinel - Round

SKU: 22-1010
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Looking after drains is one of the most important, pre-emptive actions businesses storing hydrocarbons can take. These simple but effective guards prevent sediment entering the storm water system and they’re good for around 3-6 months. (If there are heavy sediment loads, it might be less than that. It’s best to check regularly.) Easy to install and remove, the self-supporting unit sits out of sight below the drain grate. The oil absorbent media inside ensures that small hydrocarbons spills are captured before they reach the storm water system.

• Efficient, reliable secondary or tertiary storm water contamination protection
• Durable, quality design and construction
• Easy to install and easy to remove
• Fits round drains from 685mm up to 740mm
• Holds up to 20kg of dry sediment
• Holds up to 55kg of wet sediment
• Hangs 560mm into the drain

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