Mineral Sponge - 14kg Bag (22L)

SKU: 12-1001
Mineral Sponge - 14kg Bag (22L)
Mineral Sponge - 14kg Bag (22L)

Mineral Sponge - 14kg Bag (22L)

SKU: 12-1001
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Absorbing up to an impressive 15L, this 14kg bag of Mineral Sponge is a serious hydrocarbon and chemical spill-absorber.

Easy to deploy, by sprinkling over the spill, it works quickly soaking up liquids and absorbing vapours and odours. Then it’s just a matter of sweeping it up.

Recommended for industrial, manufacturing, and lab workplaces, it is practical and reliable, providing protection for workers, the workplace, and our environment.

• Strong wicking action
• Easy to dispense and to clean-up
• Retains structure when saturated
• Ecologically friendly
• 14kg bag
• Absorbs up to 15L per bag
• Loose fill

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