Hazero Work Floor - Small

SKU: 01-1022
Hazero Work Floor - Small
Hazero Work Floor - Small
Hazero Work Floor - Small

Hazero Work Floor - Small

SKU: 01-1022
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Protecting workplace floors and the environment from spills and damage is your Health and Safety bottom line.

Which is where the Hazero Small Work Floor comes in. Scalable, convenient, and durable it is the first line of defence; avoiding the risk of possible contamination, slips, and time-consuming clean ups.

The Work Floor securely captures spills and is easy to safely wipe out with Hazero Sorbents. We recommend it for storing batteries, small containers and 60L drums.

The modular design means it’s easy to connect several Work Floors together to store up to 200 L drums. We suggest indoor use, because no one wants to be emptying rainwater all the time.

• 100% polyethylene - no rust or corrosion
• Chemical resistant
• Removable grate for easy sump access
• Fully modular – using Work Floor Sump Connector Kit: 01-1088
Hazero Shield of Honour
• Max load: 1,000kgs
• Sump capacity: 112L
• Weight: 24.5kgs
• Dimensions: 150 x 1,600 x 800mm (h,w,d)

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