Flammable Plunger Can - 2L

SKU: 04-2003
Flammable Plunger Can - 2L

Flammable Plunger Can - 2L

SKU: 04-2003
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Designed for businesses with medium to high use of flammable liquids and solvents, this Flammable Plunger Can cuts waste and makes workplaces safer.

Easy to use, tough, and practical it makes a potentially messy, and even dangerous job, totally hassle-free. Pushing the plunger down delivers the liquid, with the top rim’s moulded edge protector making moistening the cloth effortless. Any surplus liquid drains safely back into the leakproof reservoir.

The perforated upper pan serves as a flame arrester, for added user safety.

• Easy to operate - moisten cloths quickly and without fuss
• Reduces waste
• 100% leakproof for staff and workplace safety
• Constructed in high-grade coated steel
• Chemical-resistant Ryton® and brass base
• FM approved
• 2L capacity
• Weight: 1kg (empty)
• External dimensions: 200mm H x 184mm (outer diameter)

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