Chemshed Flammable Cabinet - 100L

Designed as an under-bench unit, this is an excellent storage solution for flammables in workshops, laboratories and other areas where you need liquids out of harm's way.  

Built to comply with the design requirements of AS1940:2017.

Additional shelf: 04-1065P

Wall Bracket: 04-10613

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  • Double sequentially-closing doors
  • Lockable non-spark closure
  • One adjustable shelf (plus base)
  • Supplied with class 3 decals
  • Sump capacity: 67L
  • Weight: 65kgs 
  • Internal dimensions: 553 x 838 x 535mm (h,w,d)
  • External dimensions: 800 x  920 x 615mm (h,w,d)

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