EnviroPad - XXLarge

SKU: 01-1108
EnviroPad - XXLarge
EnviroPad - XXLarge
EnviroPad - XXLarge
EnviroPad - XXLarge
EnviroPad - XXLarge

EnviroPad - XXLarge

SKU: 01-1108
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The granddaddy of the EnviroPad range, these super-sized pads have a multitude of uses. Big enough to park small diggers on, they repel water but absorb hydrocarbons, converting oil and fuel spills into solid rubber. And retaining them. Even under pressure. (Amazing, right?)

They’re suitable for deployment in extremely high stakes situations where every drop of waste or contaminant has to be accounted for, and meticulously contained before disposal. Up to, and including, Antarctica and other super-sensitive environments.

Durable, lightweight and practical, for businesses serious about their commitment to safeguarding the planet, EnviroPads are the future of hydrocarbon containment - available right now.

• Large capacity
• Repels rain, converts hydrocarbons to solid rubber
• Use indoors or outdoors
• No sidewalls
• No liner required
• Can be water blasted
• Printed with easy-to-follow instructions
• Capacity: Up to 44.3L
• Weight: 8.4kg
• Dimensions: 2,180mm x 1,370mm (h,w)

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