EnviroPad - Small

SKU: 01-1104
EnviroPad - Small
EnviroPad - Small
EnviroPad - Small

EnviroPad - Small

SKU: 01-1104
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The smallest in the innovative EnviroPad range, this pad more than makes up for size with its next generation environmental protection ingenuity. It’s ideal for safeguarding ground, surfaces, and aquifers from contamination caused by oil and fuel leaks when using small to medium equipment. (Concrete cutters and chainsaws, we’ve looking at you!)

By turning that oil and fuel into solid rubber, EnviroPads prevent even a drop of hydrocarbon from escaping their grasp. Even under pressure.

And because they’re super lightweight, contractors or anyone who is on the tools and meticulous about their work, can have ready-made stain and pollution protection in the back of their truck or van.

• Lightweight, compact, robust, and high performing
• Repels rain, converts hydrocarbons to solid rubber
• Use indoors or outdoors
• No sidewalls
• No liner required
• Can be water blasted
• Printed with easy-to-follow instructions
• Capacity: Up to 4.5L
• Weight: 0.8kg
• Dimensions: 610mm x 460mm (h,w)

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