EnviroPad - Large

SKU: 01-1106
EnviroPad - Large
EnviroPad - Large
EnviroPad - Large
EnviroPad - Large
EnviroPad - Large
EnviroPad - Large

EnviroPad - Large

SKU: 01-1106
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For gardening contractors and other repair professionals with multiple items of gear, these pads are a reputational life saver. They’re the ultimate way to prevent oil and fuel leaks and spills, keep consciences clear, and maintain your green credentials too.

The EnviroPads will permanently lock-up any hydrocarbon drips and over-pours while repelling rain and water. (You can even hose them down to clean them!) The job site will be pristine. And everyone will be happy - the planet included.

Robust but lightweight, they’re quick and easy to lift, transport, and deploy and a sound investment in a better business, and everyone’s future.

• Lightweight, robust, and high performing
• Repels rain, converts hydrocarbons to solid rubber
• Use indoors or outdoors
• No sidewalls
• No liner required
• Can be water blasted
• Printed with easy-to-follow instructions
• Capacity: Up to 20.2L
• Weight: 3.2kg
• Dimensions: 1,370mm x 910mm (h,w)

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