Agrichemical Cabinet - 250L

A tall single-door store that will keep your Agrichemicals secure and out of harm’s way while helping to store them in compliance with regulations. 

  • Lifting channels for easy relocation
  • Flush-mounted, 2 point latching
  • Single walled 1.2mm zinc steel construction
  • Fitted with ventilation on rear and sides of cabinet
  • Includes 2WE hazard labelling and other decals required for secure storage
  • 150mm liquid tight sump
  • Weather seal around internal door rim
  • 3 levels of galvanized shelving, easy to move to accommodate different sized containers
  • Will hold a wide variety of chemical containers up to 20 litres
  • External dimensions: 755 x 850 x 1,875mm (w,d,h)

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