Mining and Quarrying

    The New Zealand mining and quarrying industry is constantly balancing environmental compliance and health and safety with efficiently carrying out its work and meeting shareholder expectations.

    Hazero has a range of action-ready solutions that minimise downtime while helping ensure the smooth, and safe, running of busy quarries.

    We don’t think we need to tell anyone how dangerous explosives are. Chemshed’s explosives boxes and cabinets are trusted by some of the best practitioners in this country. Used in mines, quarries and in the pyrotechnics industry, they’re designed to hold Class 1 explosives securely; providing high levels of protection against theft, misuse, accidental detonation, or damage.

    Chemshed Day Boxes are designed and engineered for smaller users of explosives and detonators. These specially constructed boxes help keep contents secure on site, and meet or exceed compliance requirements. We recommend that day boxes be used in conjunction with a Chemshed Explosives Storage Cabinet for bulk storage.

    Chemshed Explosives Storage Cabinets are available in either 100kg or 200kg capacity and offer safe, professional bulk storage of explosives.

    One of the most frequently purchased products for extraction businesses are absorbent booms for ponds. These soak up oil spills while leaving water behind and stay afloat for extended periods even when fully saturated. That’s a massive advantage when it comes to retrieving them for safe disposal.

    A clever, practical internal rope and clip system means multiple booms can be joined together to create the length needed for any spill.

    Here, we’ve highlighted just a few relevant issues and solutions that will help improve your workplace safety culture and compliance.

    But there’s lots more besides.

    Create a safer working environment in the Mining and Quarrying industry.

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    Chemshed Flammable Cabinet - 60L (04-1064)
    Chemshed Flammable Cabinet - 250L (04-1067)
    Chemshed Corrosive Cabinet - 160L (04-1073)
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    Chemshed Gas Cylinder Store - 4 x 9kg (04-1112)
    Chemshed Tall Gas Cylinder Store - Large (04-1114)
    Chemshed Aerosol Store - 180 Can (04-1109)
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    Chemshed Explosives Storage Day Box - 20kg (04-1121)
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    Chemshed Explosives Storage Cabinet - 100kg (04-1122)
    Hazero Spill Pallet - 4 Drum (01-1021)
    Roll Top - 4 Drum (01-1078)
    Hazero Sorbent Boom - Oil Only - 130mm x 3m (10-1000)
    Hazero Sorbent Boom - Oil Only - 200mm x 3m (10-1001)
    Hazero Everyday Spill Kit - Oil Only - 20L Bag (13-1009)
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    Hazero Everyday Spill Kit - Oil Only - 200L (13-1000)
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    REFILL - Hazero Everyday Spill Kit - Oil Only - 200L (13-1000R)
    Emergency Safety Shower with Foot and Hand Operated Eye Wash (18-1001)