The healthcare and medical sector in New Zealand has a lot on its plate. Staff and resources are stretched, and demand for services is increasing. Then, there’s the constant challenge of working with, and safely managing, the hazardous substances that are part of daily routine - keeping workplaces sterile and functioning.

    That’s where Hazero can help.

    Hazero has specialist products to compliantly store everything from acids and alkalines, to gas cannisters, corrosives, solvents, and other flammables. All designed and highly engineered to mitigate risk, and avoid contamination, safeguarding staff, patients, the workplace, and our environment.

    Keeping work surfaces hygienic and free from clutter is always top of mind. And with space frequently at a premium, Hazero’s secure, managed solutions include convenient under-bench storage.

    Complementing storage are industry-specific containment, control, and clean-up solutions suited to demanding healthcare and medical environments, from diagnostic labs to medical clinics and hospitals, residential homes, and hospices.

    Secondary containment provides a fail-safe way to deal with accidental overflows or drips when pouring or decanting hazardous fluids minimising the need for staff contact.

    But because accidents do happen, fit-to-purpose, professional medical absorbents are available to handle tasks such as neutralising acids and bases for disposal, and absorbing body fluids quickly, efficiently, without odour and with a minimum of fuss.

    Action-ready Hazero Speciality Spill Kits help deal with extreme and specialist clean-ups, including dangerous liquids like mercury, and bio-hazards. The kits ensure things are cleaned up discretely and disposed of safely – limiting potential harm and ensuring compliance. Sharps disposal kits means even the littlest hazards are out of harm’s way.

    We’ve highlighted just a few relevant issues and solutions that will help improve your workplace safety culture and compliance.

    But there’s lots more besides.

    Create a safer working environment in the Healthcare industry.

    17 products
    Chemshed Flammable Cabinet - 100L (04-1065)
    Chemshed Corrosive Cabinet - 160L (04-1073)
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    Chemshed Toxic Cabinet - 60L (04-1141)
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    Chemshed Gas Cylinder Store - 2 x 9kg (04-1119)
    Chemshed Aerosol Store - 18 Can (04-1110)
    Chemshed Aerosol Store - 72 Can (04-1108)
    Hazero Spill Tray - 20L (01-1032)
    Hazero Spill Tray - 40L (01-1036)
    Roll Top - 2 Drum (01-1061)
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    Hazero Everyday Spill Kit - Chemical - 100L (13-1005)
    REFILL - Hazero Mobile Spill Kit - Aggressive - 100L (13-1005R)
    Biohazard Spill Kit (13-2001)
    Laboratory Spill Kit (13-2002)
    Formaldehyde Spill Kit (13-2012)
    Emergency Safety Shower with Foot and Hand Operated Eye Wash (18-1001)
    Emergency Wall Mounted Hand Operated Eye Wash (18-1004)
    Emergency Pedestal Mounted Hand and Foot Operated Eye Wash (18-1005)