Hygiene is the watchword for everyone involved in food and beverage processing and manufacturing in New Zealand. From large scale dairy and flour milling companies to artisan cheese and pie makers the battle against bacteria is constant.

    As if that wasn’t enough, there’s the responsibility to take care of the often harsh chemicals and dangerous goods needed to win that struggle - and to keep the supply chain intact, our food and drink safe from contamination, and staff protected.

    Hazero has a comprehensive range of professional dangerous goods storage, containment, control, and clean-up products that deliver quality and compliance confidence to companies throughout the food industry. Because no one wants to risk a failed audit or reputational damage.

    When substantial amounts of cleaning chemicals, or other dangerous goods need to be stored, Hazero has a range of proven solutions. From Controlco Spill Pallets which provide secure secondary containment for IBCs to robust, all-weather, roll top containment options.

    These specialist products include tough, flexible, lightweight Controlco Sorbent Socks which fit snugly around bends and into corners. This makes them ideal as a temporary bund around machinery during maintenance, and to safeguard chillers under repair. Controlco Sorbent Pads are perfect for protecting floors under production lines from drips, and for reducing the risk of slipping and contamination.

    And, as larger sites are often in rural areas, there are specialist products to protect drains and ensure that any run-off doesn’t reach our waterways, keeping our environment safe. Available in durable storage cases, they’re ready for deployment when the worst happens.

    We’ve highlighted just a few relevant issues and solutions that will help improve your workplace safety culture and compliance.

    But there’s lots more besides.

    Create a safer working environment in the Food and Beverage industry.

    21 products
    Chemshed Flammable Cabinet - 160L (04-1066)
    Chemshed Flammable Cabinet - 250L (04-1067)
    Chemshed Gas Cylinder Store - 4 x 9kg (04-1112)
    Chemshed Gas Cylinder Store - 4 x 18kg (04-1096)
    Chemshed Aerosol Store - 72 Can (04-1108)
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    Chemshed Bulk Outdoor DG Store - 2m x 2m (04-1132)
    Controlco Spill Pallet - 4 Drum (01-1021)
    Controlco Spill Pallet - Double IBC (01-1026)
    Roll Top - Single IBC (01-1079)
    Controlco Sorbent Pad - Universal - Heavy Weight (06-1002)
    Controlco Sorbent Pad - Universal - Heavy Weight - 10 pack (06-1002-10)
    Controlco Sorbent Pad - Universal - Super Weight (06-1006)
    Controlco Sorbent Sock - Universal - 1.2m (08-1002)
    Controlco Sorbent Sock - Universal - 3m (08-1004)
    Controlco Mobile Spill Kit - Universal - 200L (13-1001)
    REFILL - Controlco Mobile Spill Kit - Universal - 200L (13-1001R)
    Controlco - Mobile Spill Kit - Aggressive - 100L (13-1005)
    REFILL - Controlco Mobile Spill Kit - Aggressive - 100L (13-1005R)
    Emergency Safety Shower with Foot and Hand Operated Eye Wash (18-1001)
    Emergency Wall Mounted Hand Operated Eye Wash (18-1004)
    Emergency Pedestal Mounted Hand and Foot Operated Eye Wash (18-1005)