What are Enviropads?

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    EnviroPads are unique, next generation containment solutions which lock in hydrocarbons permanently. The pads perform, even under pressure thanks to a smart, selective polymer that turns oil and fuel into solid rubber.

    Water repellent, EnviroPads do not rust or corrode. They can be safely left out in the rain and even water blasted. (No more oily pools of rainwater!)

    Extremely lightweight, EnviroPads are suited to use under anything from chainsaws to small diggers, to protect our environment and provide a clean workspace; indoors or outdoors.

    EnviroPads are available in 5 sizes: S (up to 4.5L capacity), M (up to 10.5L capacity), L (up to 20.2L capacity), XL (up to 30.4L capacity), and XXL (up to 44.3L capacity).

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    EnviroPad - Small (01-1104)
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    EnviroPad - Large (01-1106)
    EnviroPad - XLarge (01-1107)
    EnviroPad - XXLarge (01-1108)