Controlco Modular IBC Spill Pallets - An Overview


Controlco Modular IBC Spill Pallets - An Overview

IBC spill pallets are typically quite tall, due to the requirement for a sump capacity of at least 1,100 litres (L), meaning the IBC can be up to 1 metre (m) off the ground. While this might work well for decanting purposes, there are risks when loading, unloading, and working with 1,000L of hazardous liquid at that height. If these are risks that you need to take into account in your situation, and you have three or more IBC’s to store, then the Modular Spill Pallet system could be a perfect solution! At only 150mm off the ground, the system achieves the required secondary containment capacity via flow-through connections between additional pallets and/or an expansion tank positioned alongside.

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