Why Purchase a Chemshed Cabinet?

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What are Dangerous Goods Cabinets?

Dangerous goods, also known as DG’s, are substances that can pose a risk to people and the environment.

Dangerous goods cabinets will help you safely store your DGs. There are different Dangerous Goods cabinet for each dangerous goods class as they are designed to comply with the legislation surrounding a specific class.

The importance of storing dangerous goods is vital in keeping you and the people around you safe. Our Chemshed Storage Cabinets range from Flammable, to Corrosive, through to Toxic, Organic Peroxide, Oxidising Agents, as well as the storage of Aerosols and Gas Cylinders and right through to Agrichemicals.

If you need a reliable, compliant cabinet to store your dangerous goods – either indoors or outdoors, there’s a Chemshed Cabinet for you!

Design and Compliance

Each class of dangerous good requires a different type of storage cabinet. 

When you’re buying a Chemshed storage cabinet you can be assured it has been designed and built to the relevant standard. 

As an example, our Chemshed Flammable Cabinet – 160L (04-1066), has been built to comply with the design requirements of AS1940:2017, and will help you safely store class 3 flammable liquids. 

Some features include: 

  • Steel fabrication, with a powder coated protection.
  • The rivets, spot welds, and hinges are made of sheet steel. This is important as hinges and rivets are critical to a cabinet’s structural integrity - if they fail, the cabinet will fall apart. That’s not a worry with a Chemshed!
  • The door handle offers a full-palm grip, that allows for easy, reliable opening and closing.
  • The doors are also lockable – providing safety on site.
  • A thing to note about the handle – if it was knocked off or melted in a fire, the cabinet would remain locked and closed, providing the same amount of fire protection. This is because the handles are not critical to the cabinet’s structural integrity! Which means your cabinet would still be compliant.
  • Inside the cabinet, are adjustable shelves and an in-built 150mm sump to meet the New Zealand compliance.
  • The cabinet has a superior 2 point latch, with fully automatic sequentially self-closing doors that ensure that the inside door is always closing first.


Chemshed cabinets have a proven test record. They’ve been exposed to some devastating fires but come out doing what they do best, keeping your dangerous goods, safe – and by extension, the environment, and the people around you.

Chemshed Cabinets are designed and manufactured in New Zealand and Australia, to the relevant New Zealand or Australian Standards. Roboticised production, makes impeccable consistency across the storage range.

Each Chemshed cabinet is quality checked by our very own New Zealand or Australian technicians.

When you purchase a Chemshed you are purchasing the real thing. Not an offshore imitation.

Chemshed 20-Year Warranty Bage

Chemshed 20-Year Warranty

Storing dangerous goods is a demanding task but the strength and reliability of Chemshed cabinets, mean they are right up to it. To prove our confidence in them, they are backed up with a 20-year Warranty, which will give you the peace of mind that you are purchasing a solution that rises to the storage challenge, like none other. Find out more here

Expert advice, from an expert team

We’re a NZ owned and operated company with our team based in multiple locations throughout NZ. Purchasing a Chemshed supports jobs here in New Zealand. 

Our team have been in the industry since 2006 and since then we’ve helped multiple companies across a range of industries, throughout New Zealand. 

We’ve helped them comply and safeguard their hazardous substances helping them to create safer working environments. 

Chemshed is one of the longest standing and most trusted brands in DG storage in New Zealand. When you purchase a Chemshed you are supported throughout your entire buyer journey. 

With Chemshed cabinets stocked in both in Christchurch and Auckland, we can ensure prompt and efficient delivery. 

Our team can help you at any time throughout your journey to ensure you are complying with the relevant legislation you need to meet by law. 

What are you waiting for? Join the many happy customers that have invested in a Chemshed today and help create a safer working environment for your workplace.


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