Why Enware?

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Overview of Safety Showers and Eye/Face Wash Units

A safety shower is a plumbed-in fixture designed as a first response measure to wash-down personnel that have been splashed or doused in a hazardous liquid or substance.

An eye wash is either a permanent plumbed-in fixture or mobile unit designed as a first response measure to wash the eyes and/or face of a person that has been splashed by a hazardous liquid or substance.

Safety Showers drench and wash-down the whole body, whereas an eye/face wash are designed to rinse the eye and facial areas only.

Hazero is proud to supply Enware Safety Showers and Eye/Face Wash units across New Zealand.

Here are our seven reasons you need an Enware Safety Shower and/or Eye/Face Wash Unit.

1.   They’re made out this way

The Enware range is designed and manufactured just over the ditch in Sydney, Australia. And while we might not admit it sometimes, we do share a lot of common bonds and we’ve found their understanding of our markets and industry demands is a lot sharper than any other offshore manufacturers by a country mile.

2.   Independently tested – to our very own Standard

The Enware showers are independently tested for compliance to the specific Australian and New Zealand  Standards, AS4775 and ANSI Z358.1

3.   One hell of a tough

Enware don’t make their safety products out of any old thing – 316 Stainless Steel finish is the standard.

4.   Welded construction

An Enware safety shower has a few joins as possible, with welded construction and bends – compared to others that feature multiple components and umpteen joins.

5.   They’re comfortable

Comfort isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of when you’re got chemical in your eyes yet the last thing you want is to damage your eyes further, from a strong blast of water. The Enware Zero Velocity apex point provides a very thorough yet comfortable flushing of the eyes.

6.   The Range

We offer three types of units:

  1. Free-standing/Pedestal
    • Provides the ability to mount the unit in an open area so it can be near areas of risk and easily visible and accessible to surrounding users.
  2. Wall mounted
    • Excellent for corridors, walkway areas or in situations where chemicals are being handled within a walled or workbench area.
  3. Portable
    • Gravity fed and pocket eye wash units are great for mobile operators or smaller satellite sites and areas. Chemicals in the eye cause serious damage within 1-5 seconds. Washing eyes within a few seconds can be key in minimising eye damage.

And we have a range of accessories too! From signage to water preservatives to anti-freeze valves.

7.   VertechTM Technology

VertechTM Technology has been designed to create a Zero Velocity point. The reduced water velocity is gentle and effective, helping allow a greater amount of time in the flushing zone, which is important especially when cleansing eyes from hazardous substances. 

Creating safer working environments

At Hazero our mission is zero hazards. Our extensive range of quality products will help you store, contain and control and clean-up dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

View our full range of Enware Safety Showers and Eye Wash Units here

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