Sump Pillows – An Overview

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What are Hazero Sump Pillows?

Hazero Sump Pillows pre-empt, and clean up, any potentially costly and embarrassing messes caused by oil spilling into drains, sumps, tanks, and boat bilges. These tubular pillows very efficiently absorb oil, leaving only clean water behind.

They come with a short length of cord at one end for securing to drain grates or other fixtures.

They are a very reliable pre-emptive strike or last line of defence, in case of a spill.

Hazero Sump Pillows are 130mm in diameter by 400mm in length.

How much does a Hazero Sump Pillow absorb?

This will depend entirely on the liquid being absorbed and the viscosity of that liquid. Generally speaking, one Hazero Sump Pillow will absorb up to 12L.

How do I dispose of a used Hazero Sump Pillow?

This does vary from region to region around the country, with different requirements coming from regional councils, depending on what facilities they have in the area to manage and take hazardous waste and clean up material.

We recommend you call your local council or visit their website, for disposal instructions specific to your region.

Creating safer working environments

At Hazero our mission is zero hazards. Our extensive range of quality products will help you store, contain and control and clean-up dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

View our Hazero Sump Pillow here.

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