Spillpals – An Overview

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What is secondary containment?

A primary container is the vessel that holds the hazardous substance, for example a bottle, 20L container, 200L drum or 1,000L IBC (intermediate bulk container). Secondary containment is best described as the system in place to contain spills, leaks or the failure of the primary container stored on it.

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What is flexible containment? 

Most forms of secondary containment are rigid – made from inflexible materials such as polyethylene, concrete or metal. However, there are circumstances that require secondary containment to have some flexibility, to suit a certain application or to conform to a particular surface.

What are Spillpals?

Spillpals are a form of flexible secondary containment and designed to create an area of secondary containment for small containers, drums and through to larger IBC’s. They are very easy to unpack and deploy, and then just as easy to fold back up and return to storage after use.

Spillpals are available in six sizes:

What are Spillpals made of?

The base of the Spillpals are made from a tough, chemical and UV-resistant PVC. The sidewalls are constructed from an 80mm triangular memory foam and covered with the same PVC for protection.

Why should I use a Spillpal?

Spillpals are an excellent solution in situations that only require secondary containment on a temporary basis. This might include inwards goods areas, chemical pump-overs or one-off decanting tasks. They are also often used outdoors, particularly in areas of sloping or undulating ground. In these cases they work to hold generators, pumps and other machinery, or to contains spills that could come from hosing or valves during pump-over situations.

How do I use a Spillpal?

Spillpals arrive assembled. All you need to do is place it in the right area on site, or in your workshop, and place any containers or drums inside, and you are good to go.

Where are Spillpals suitable for?

The heavy duty PVC construction makes Spillpals suitable for coming into contact with oils, fuel and other petroleum-based liquids, as well as paint and a wide range of mild chemicals. For suitability with specific liquids, please get in touch with our support team.

What sizes of Spillpals are available?

There are 6 standard sizes of Spillpals: one drum, two drum, four drum square, four drum inline, six drum and 8 drum. Measurements and containment capacities for each of these can be found here.

We can also custom build units, to suit your specific size or containment capacity requirements. This extends right up to units that have a ‘drive-in’ ability, with options including higher and stronger sidewalls, and puncture protection on the base.

Creating safer working environments

At Hazero our mission is zero hazards. Our extensive range of quality products will help you store, contain and control and clean-up dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

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