Overpack Drums – An Overview

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What are New Pig Overpack Drums used for? 

A New Pig Overpack Drum is primarily designed to securely house an undamaged container of hazardous liquids, ensuring it is kept segregated and protected, particularly during transport – which is what it is regulated to do. Simply put, it is an outer container, to which a smaller container can be securely placed inside.

New Pig Overpack Drums are commonly used by transport firms, or companies dealing with hazardous liquids, with certain products that need to be segregated from others, especially in transit.

New Pig Overpack Drums are available in three sizes; 20L100L, and 200L.

What is the difference between an New Pig Overpack and a Salvage Drum?  

Where an ‘New Pig Overpack Drum’ is used to house a container in good condition, if you have to segregate or secure a damaged or leaking container, UN regulations state that this calls for a ‘Salvage Drum’. This is essentially a unit that is made and tested to much tougher standards, allowing them to contain liquids in a much riskier state.

The good news though, is that New Pig Overpack Drums from Hazero are rated to do both tasks – so are effectively known as “Overpack Salvage Drums”. There is no need to buy a different unit for different tasks, our New Pig Overpack Drums are certified to carry out both.

How do I use a New Pig Overpack Drum?

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What are New Pig Overpack Drums made of?

Your New Pig Overpack Drum from Hazero New Pig constructed from heavy duty high-density polyethylene, which is highly resistant to some of the harshest chemicals out there. The Overpack design has been put through a very rigorous procedure of temperature, drop and stack tests, to comply with the relevant UN requirements.

Is it safe to use hazardous chemicals in New Pig Overpack Drums?

Yes – New Pig Overpack Drums are specifically designed to hold most hazardous chemicals. Please refer to our guide here, to confirm suitability with the chemicals you have in mind to store inside one of our New Pig Overpack Drums.

Can I clean and re-use a New Pig Overpack Drum?

While there is nothing to say that you can’t clean and re-use your New Pig Overpack Drum, unless it can be reliably carried out, we are cautious to recommend it. The risk of contamination needs to be taken into account along with the fact the foam seal within the Drum lid, will lose its reliability over time.

Creating safer working environments

At Hazero our mission is zero hazards. Our extensive range of quality products will help you store, contain and control and clean-up dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

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