Low Profile Work Floors – An Overview

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Why do I need secondary containment?

If you are storing hazardous liquids in your workplace, it is mostly likely that you will need to have them stored on some form of secondary containment. This means spills resulting from an incident such as a leak or transit damage, are contained and prevented from creating harm to the wider environment.

Different classes and quantities of hazardous liquids require different levels of secondary containment. Please see our Secondary Containment Regulations Guide to determine the level of containment required for your situation. For more information on secondary containment, read our editorial here.

What are Low Profile Work Floors? 

You could have a perception that secondary containment means a high block wall, that is difficult to get heavy drums and other containers on and off. Low Profile Work Floors are mostly no higher than 150mm, meaning loading and unloading drums is a safe and easy task.

What are Work Floors?

Work Floors are low-profile, stand-alone units that come in 2 sizes – a Small (01-1022) and a Large (01-1023) model. The Small Work Floor unit is good for smaller containers, batteries and drums up to 60L in size. The Large Work Floor model has a larger sump, making it often suitable for storing larger drums, up to 200L in size.

What are Spill Decks?

Spill Decks take versatility to the next level, coming with pre-drilled ports which enable them to be joined to other Spill Decks. This means they can ‘sump-share’ allowing them to hold larger amounts of liquids, while being only 150mm off the ground. They come in a 1 Drum (01-1072), 2 Drum (01-1073), and 4 Drum (01-1074) versions, with the option of adding a Bladder (01-1075) system to provide an even higher level of containment. A Spill Deck Ramp (01-1081) makes loading drums safe and hassle free.

Do I need a Work Floor or a Spill Deck?

For smaller amounts of liquid, the stand-along Work Floors are a great option. If you have a larger amount or an amount that is likely to increase, the versatility of the Spill Decks will be the better choice.

What size Low Profile Work Floor do I need?

We suggest that you first work out two things:

  1. The hazard class of the liquid, and
  2. The number and size of containers.

When you know how much you have to store, then use the Secondary Containment Regulations Guide to determine how much containment is required and select the unit or systems that gives you that level of containment.

Is it safe to store hazardous chemicals on Low Profile Work Floors?

All units in this range are made from tough, chemical-resistant polyethylene, so in most instances they are perfectly suited to being in contact with most common chemicals found in workplaces today. To double check the suitability of your liquid with these products click here.

Will Low Profile Work Floors rust?

No, the polyethylene will never rust or corrode. For more on the benefits of polyethylene, click here.  

I need to store drums outside, what should I use?

While Low Profile Work Floors are resistant to rust and corrosion, they are not weather-tight and will quickly fill up with rainwater. This impacts the required capacity of the bund so if you are needing to store hazardous substances outside, we suggest you have a look at the dedicated options here.

Controlco Warranty

Storing hazardous liquids is a demanding task but the strength and reliability of the Controlco products, mean they are right up to it. To prove our confidence in them, they are backed up with an industry-leading 5-year Warranty, which will give you the peace of mind that you are purchasing a solution that rises to the storage challenge, like none other. Find out more here.  

Creating safer working environments

At Hazero our mission is zero hazards. Our extensive range of quality products will help you store, contain and control and clean-up dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

View our full range of Controlco Low Profile Work Floors here.

Need help creating a safer working environment? Contact our team today on 0800 688 844 or email us at info@hazero.co.nz. Our team are also available for on-site assessments across New Zealand, click here to request a site visit.

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