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Storing dangerous goods has never been an exactly easy task, specially if they are inside, and in close proximity to people, or hazards such as electrical sources and non-compatible substances.

Which is why, where the conditions allow, DG’s are often better stored outside – out of harm’s way.

However, just putting them outdoors doesn’t remove all the challenges. There are still rules and regulations that apply; security, secondary containment, and segregating them from the other substances nearby that need considering.

To meet those challenges, there have been a number of interesting solutions over time. These range from; cheap and cheerful garden sheds, modified shipping containers, or for the more industrial minded, small concrete bunkers. (These require some serious equipment to move them around!)

However, as the list of dangerous goods grows and evolves, and regulations continue to tighten up, it seems that we’re caught in a spot of bother, trying to match our changing DG requirements, with solutions that haven’t moved with the times.

Thinking this through over the past year or two, the team at Hazero realised that the ball was in our court. It was up to us to find a new way of doing storage, that is relevant to Kiwis today.

Kiwi from the ground up

Working with the New Zealand market for as long as we have, has given us a unique insight into what Kiwi businesses need when storing dangerous goods outside.

Number one: compliance with current regulations – no if’s or but’s on that one. Secondly, they need to be versatile, and have the ability to be easily moved or reconfigured to suit businesses’ changing needs. Finally they need to be able to handle the demands of our (often unrelenting) environment. In short: tough and reliable – without costing the earth.

We set to work and with our own team, building a range from the ground up. Always keeping the unique demands of Kiwi business at the forefront of our thinking.


We made sure the designs met what was necessary to store those DG’s outside compliantly. (Critical elements, like non-combustible materials, decent sized spill containment areas, and generous ventilation – that sort of thing.)

Then we made the varying model sizes as uniform as possible. This meant we maximised steel sheet efficiency, and minimised waste. (It also helped keep the costs down.)

Then we came up with a game-changer: no welded components. Nowadays, having to have a fully welded outdoor store is very ‘industrial revolution’. Instead one of our design innovators came up with one single sized bolt, that holds each and every Hazero part together. No welding means way more versatility for the user, without losing a grain of strength. And there’s less environmental impact along the way. Genius!

Easier on the environment

Once the range and designs were decided, and testing done, we set to work on the packaging. In what is pretty much a first for New Zealand, we decided we won’t be responsible for contributing to NZ being the world’s dumping ground for polystyrene.

We did away with anything that couldn’t be recycled while making sure the stores were still well protected, on their journey.

The Hazero Shield of Honour

In another world first (and best!), the Hazero Shield of Honour is more powerful than a “lifetime guarantee”. It means our reputation is on the line not only when a product is sold, but every single time it is used. If the product doesn’t meet your requirements over the next 99 years, we or our descendants (we’re a multi-generational company), will refund, replace, or repair it. 

Free of charge.

You don’t need a receipt. Or even a reason. No questions asked. Naturally, that’s so long as you use your Hazero product only for good, and as intended.

Shield your people. Shield your business.

De-risking New Zealand

The new Hazero Outdoor DG stores are another step towards our commitment to de-risking New Zealand.

As an intergenerational Kiwi company, we have serious skin in the game when it comes to protecting our environment, New Zealanders, and the reputations of the businesses which drive our economy and provide employment. We’re here for life – ours and yours.

Creating safer working environments

We want you to have the best products, the safest work place and to help protect your environment and community. Whatever way suits you best.

At Hazero our mission is zero hazards. Our extensive range will help you store, contain and control, and clean-up dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

View our full range of Outdoor DG Stores here.

Need help creating a safer working environment? Contact our team today on 0800 688 844 or email us at Our team are also available for on-site assessments across New Zealand, click here to request a site visit.

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