IBC Modular Spill Pallets – An Overview

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Why do I need secondary containment?

If you are storing hazardous liquids in your workplace, it is most likely that you will need to have them stored on some form of secondary containment. This means spills resulting from an incident such as a leak or transit damage, are contained and prevented from creating harm to the wider environment.

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What are Spill Pallets?

Spill Pallets are in most cases, the most effective way to store containers of hazardous liquids in accordance with secondary containment regulations. In the past, costly and permanent fixtures such as concrete block walls were the only solution. The introduction of Spill Pallets has made compliance much more economical and easier to achieve, as well as being safer and more practical to use.

What are IBC Modular Spill Pallets?

IBC spill pallets are typically quite tall, due to the requirement for a sump capacity of at least 1,100 litres (L), meaning the IBC can be up to 1 metre (m) off the ground. While this might work well for decanting purposes, there are risks when loading, unloading, and working with 1,000L of hazardous liquid at that height.

If these are risks that you need to take into account in your situation, and you have three or more IBC’s to store, then the Modular Spill Pallet system could be a perfect solution. At only 150mm off the ground, the system achieves the required secondary containment capacity via flow-through connections between additional pallets and/or an expansion tank positioned alongside.

Note: as the containment system shares a common sump area, it is important the liquids stored on them are fully compatible with each other, and there is no risk or reaction should cross-contamination occur.

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Can I store IBC Modular Spill Pallets outdoors?

Yes, from a product perspective, the Modular Spill Pallet system is quite suited for use outdoors. The main consideration when storing outdoors though is the need to keep the secondary containment area free of rainwater. This simply means that it is free to contain the necessary amount, should a spill occur. This can be achieved by placing it under an existing structure such as a canopy, lean-to or weather cover, or constructing one to suit.

What are the secondary containment regulations?

Different classes and quantities of hazardous liquids require different levels of secondary containment. Please see our Secondary Containment Regulations Guide to determine the level of containment required for your situation.

Is it safe to store hazardous substances on IBC Modular Spill Pallets?

Yes, in almost every case your IBC Modular Spill Pallets are perfectly suitable for storing your hazardous substances. The rugged polyethylene construction ensures it will stand up to some of the strongest acids. To double-check, please refer to our compatibility guide to make sure this applies to the liquids you have in your situation.

Will IBC Modular Spill Pallets rust? 

No, for the same reason as outlined in the previous point, IBC Modular Spill Pallets are completely resistant to rust and corrosion. For more information on the benefits of polyethylene, click here

If there is a spill, how can I empty and clean a IBC Modular Spill Pallet?

To protect the integrity of the sump, this spill containment system doesn’t come with a drainage plug – although if required, one can be fitted retrospectively. To drain the containment area, we suggest using Controlco Sorbent Pads for small spills, or via a pump in the instance of larger spills.

What are the different sizes of IBC Modular Spill Pallets?

IBC Modular Spill Pallets are available in three configurations – a 3 x IBC (01-1085), 4 x IBC (01-1086), or 5 x IBC 01-1087). The first two configurations include an expansion tank(s) to achieve the spill containment capacity, whereas the 5 x IBC has enough in total between the 5 base units.

Controlco Warranty

Storing hazardous liquids is a demanding task but the strength and reliability of the Controlco products, mean they are right up to it. To prove our confidence in them, they are backed up with an industry-leading 5-year Warranty, which will give you the peace of mind that you are purchasing a solution that rises to the storage challenge, like none other. Find out more here.  

Creating safer working environments

At Hazero our mission is zero hazards. Our extensive range of quality products will help you store, contain and control and clean-up dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

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