Spill Pallets - Drum/IBC – An Overview

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Why do I need secondary containment?

If you are storing hazardous liquids in your workplace, it is mostly likely that you will need to have them stored on some form of secondary containment. This means spills resulting from an incident such as a leak or transit damage, are contained and prevented from creating harm to the wider environment.

Different classes and quantities of hazardous liquids require different levels of secondary containment. Please see our Secondary Containment Regulations Guide to determine the level of containment required for your situation. For more information on secondary containment, read our editorial here.

What are Hazero Spill Pallets? 

Hazero Spill Pallets are in most cases, the most effective way to store containers of hazardous liquids in accordance with secondary containment regulations. In the past, costly and permanent fixtures such as concrete block walls were the only solution, the introduction of Spill Pallets has made compliance much more economical and easier to achieve, as well as being safer and more practical to use.

Hazero Spill Pallets for drums

There are three popular spill pallets for the storage of the common-sized 200L drums – a 2 Drum (01-1020), a 4 Drum (01-1021) (square) and a 4 Drum (01-1043) (inline).  Each model is constructed of 100% polyethylene meaning they are highly chemical and corrosion resistant and able to withstand the knocks of everyday work life. Each of the three models have sump capacities of over 250 litres.

Hazero Spill Pallets for IBC’s

There are three stand-alone units within the Hazero range for storing 1,000L IBC Containers – a Single (01-1025) unit, a Double (01-1026) unit, and a Triple (01-1095) unit. These are also made from 100% polyethylene, which for the above reasons makes them vastly superior to a steel or part-steel alternative. Flush positioned grates facilitate safe loading of your IBC’s and both models come with 1,200L plus sump capacities. Optional clip-on dispensers are available.

Can I store Spill Pallets outside?

Being polyethylene, spill pallets are resistant to the rust issues that steel containment options face, when positioned outside. While Hazero Spill Pallets can be used outside, it is important to ensure the sumps are shielded from rainwater or regularly checked and drained, so the sump capacity is not compromised and left free to contain the primary liquid stored on the pallet. For more information on weather proofing your secondary containment, click here.

What are the Secondary Containment regulations?

The secondary containment regulations can be found within the Health & Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017.  A summarised version of these can be found here although we recommend these are read alongside any components of the regulations that are pertinent to your own situation.

Is it safe to store hazardous chemicals on Hazero Spill Pallets?

In most cases involving Class 6, 8 and 9 liquids, the answer is yes. There are a small number of chemicals that do react with polyethylene, so we do recommend you check out our guide here to make sure the liquid you do plan to store on our pallets, is suitable.

Because of their volatility, we do not recommend storing Class 3 Flammable liquids on our Hazero Spill Pallets.

Will Spill Pallets rust?

No – Hazero spill pallets are fully rust and corrosion resistant. For more on the benefits of polyethylene, click here.

Do Spill Pallets have a drain?

To protect the integrity of the sump, Hazero Spill Pallets don’t come with a drainage plug – although if required, one can be fitted retrospectively.

To drain the containment area, we suggest using Hazero Sorbent Pads for small spills, or via a pump in the instance of larger spills.

Storing more than three IBC’s

For situations where you would like to store more than 3 x IBC units on the same containment system, we recommend you check out our Modular Spill Pallet System. Please note that as these ‘share’ the same sump area, that the liquids stored on them will all need to be compatible in the event of cross contamination.

The Hazero Shield of Honour

The Hazero Shield of Honour is more powerful than a “lifetime guarantee”.

It means our reputation is on the line not only when a product is sold, but every single time it is used. If the product doesn’t meet your expectations over the next 99 years, we or our descendants (we’re a multi-generational company), will refund, replace, or repair it. Free of charge.

You don’t need a receipt. Or even a reason. No questions asked.

Naturally, that’s so long as you use your Hazero product as intended and in accordance with existing legislation.

Shield your people. Shield your business.

Creating safer working environments

At Hazero our mission is zero hazards. Our extensive range of quality products will help you store, contain and control and clean-up dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

View our full range of Hazero Drum and IBC Spill Pallets here.

Need help creating a safer working environment? Contact our team today on 0800 688 844 or email us at help@hazero.co.nz. Our team are also available for on-site assessments across New Zealand, click here to request a site visit.

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