Bulk DG Stores – An Overview

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What are Outdoor Dangerous Goods (DG) Stores?

Many workplaces only carry small amounts of dangerous goods, which means they can be safely and compliantly stored indoors, in most cases within dedicated indoor storage cabinets.  While larger amounts can be stored inside, this is often prohibitive as it mostly requires the construction of very costly, purpose-built, fire-rated rooms.

For most workplaces storing larger containers (200L drums, 1,000L IBC’s) or larger overall quantities, of dangerous goods, the most effective solution is to store them outdoors, in a dedicated DG Store.

What are the requirements of an Outdoor DG Store?

Within the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017, there are 4 types of stores where you can hold your dangerous goods, which in summary are:

  • Type A: an external area, that is secured and designated for hazardous substances
  • Type B: a framed building that is designated for hazardous substances, with non-combustible cladding and secondary containment
  • Type C: a building designed for hazardous substances, with a fire resistance rating of 120/120/120 minutes
  • Type D: a building designed for hazardous substances, with a fire resistance rating of 240/240/240 minutes, with a reinforced concrete roof

The Chemshed range of outdoor DG stores are classified as Type B, which suits the majority of situations across New Zealand worksites. Type C and D buildings may be required for high volumes of flammable liquids, particularly in cases where space is an issue, and the store is required to be in close proximity to a building or boundary.

Why do I need an Outdoor Store and what are the benefits?

An outdoor store is required in situations where the quantity of hazardous substances held onsite, is more than what can be safely stored within indoor storage cabinets.

Having an outdoor store can also benefit a business that wants to reduce risk or limit access to their substances and have them stored further away from production or operational areas.

What are the differences between an indoor store and outdoor store?

The main difference is their capacities. Taking Class 3 (flammable) substances for example, you can only store up to an aggregate of 250L within your indoor flammable cabinet, and the most you can have in one area or floor, is 750L – which equates to 3 x 250L cabinets.

An outdoor store can hold many times more than that. However, it is important to remember that the more you hold within your outdoor store, the further it has to be located from your building or site boundary.

Why should I choose this model?

The new Chemshed Bulk Outdoor DG Store is a brand-new solution: one that has been designed from the ground up and specifically around our requirements for safely storing hazardous substances. They are built right here in New Zealand to the tough and demanding conditions that our climate and industries require.

Their genius is in their simplicity to set up and install, and their flexibility to suit the ever-changing requirements of your worksite.

Watch a product video

Watch our short product video on the Chemshed Bulk Outdoor DG Store here.

Size options?

The standard, or base configuration, is a 2 x 2m model. This standard size will suit many applications, but should your worksite require more space you can simply add an extension kit to give you an extra 2 x 2m of floor space (total of 8m2), or two extension kits to give you 12m2 – and so on.

If you choose to start off with the base size, and then wish to add an Extension Kit later, then it is just as easy to fit one retrospectively.

What are the ventilation requirements?

Ventilation is an important requirement for outdoor stores holding hazardous substances. The Chemshed Bulk Outdoor DG Store comes with large vented panels on the rare wall and doors, providing great airflow keeping temperatures low, particularly during the warmer times of the year.

What are the maximum storage quantities?

The storage limitations of the store is set by the sump capacity of the store. You will need to determine the aggregate quantities of the different Classes of substances you have on hand, and the necessary level of secondary containment that is required for that amount.

You can find more details on secondary containment requirements for the different Classes here.

Where should I put my Bulk Outdoor DG Store?

The location of your store and the distance it must be from a protected place, e.g. building, boundary etc, is determined by the aggregate amount you have, and what Class or Classes of substance. More details of the separation distances, relative to the product stored, can be found in Schedule 12 of the Health & Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017 – or be free to ask a Hazero representative for help. 

What signage does my Bulk Outdoor DG Store need?

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) holder is supplied with each Bulk Outdoor DG Store. This SDS holder can be placed on the outside of the unit to house safety data sheets of the contents being stored within the unit.

While hazardous signage is necessary for your Bulk Outdoor DG Store, due to the varying needs of each user, decals are not supplied with the unit. Your safety provider will be able to assist you in supplying the correct signage for your storage requirements. 

What are the secondary containment capacities?

The standard 2 x 2m store comes with an inbuilt secondary containment capacity of 600 litres. With every Extension Kit that is added, the level of secondary containment is increased by the same amount.

What do I need to know about incompatible substances?

The secondary containment areas of these stores are one shared space, meaning that the substances stored above, must be compatible and not react with each other, should they mix in the containment area below.

What can I store in a Bulk Outdoor DG Store?

These stores can be used for almost all Classes of substances, providing they are not held with other non-compatible products and the relevant signage, secondary containment and separation distance requirements are met.

How do I assemble a Bulk Outdoor DG Store?

As mentioned earlier, these stores are quick and easy to assemble, or retrospectively add to – and require no specialist tools or skills to put them together. We recommend that 2 able bodied persons are on hand during assembly. To request an instruction guide, please email our team via info@hazero.co.nz

Creating safer working environments

At Hazero our mission is zero hazards. Our extensive range of quality products will help you store, contain and control and clean-up dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

View our full range of Chemshed Outdoor Stores here.

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