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For training, and to demonstrate how to use our products safely, we’ve produced some how-to videos.  We trust you’ll find them useful.

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Economy Mobile Spill Kits


Oil Only: 13-1065 | 13-1064  

Universal: 13-1063 | 13-1066


Economy Mobile Spill Kits are the economical solution for the safe and quick clean-up on a range of hazardous liquids.


Economy Outdoor DG Stores


1,800L | 04-1088

2,600L | 04-1089

3,500L | 04-1090


Instantly remove the challenge of storing hazardous liquids
outdoors. This rugged, weatherproof store is a purpose-built
unit that combines a range of features for securely storing
varying Hazchem’s outside. Available in three sizes. 


Aerosol Store


60 can | 04-1108

108 can | 04-1109

216 can | 04-1098


Need to store aerosols? Our range of rugged aerosol storage cages hold aerosol cans in a lockable, durable and economical container. Clearly labelled with the appropriate Class 2 hazard signage and available in a range of sizes. 


Drum Spill Pallet


2 Drum Spill Pallet | 01-1020

4 Drum Spill Pallet | 01-1021

4 Drum Inline Spill Pallet | 01-1043


Drum Spill Pallets are an economical way to store drums while meeting the regulations for storage. Whether you need a spill pallet for 2 drums or 4 drums we can help. We also offer 4 Drum Inline Spill Pallets, perfect for tight spaces and walkways.

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