Organic Peroxide Cabinet - 160L

A Chemshed organic peroxide storage cabinet with a 160L capacity and featuring the patented sequential closing system. 

Designed with larger users of Organic Peroxide in mind, this unit rises above and beyond the build requirements demanded of the Standard and ensures that all Class 5.2 substances are stored in a safe and fully compliant manner. A well-respected performer for storing a very dangerous product.


Built to comply with the requirements of AS2714-2008.

  • Built in flash arrestors and vent openings
  • High capacity, liquid-tight sump
  • Supplied with Class 5.2 decals
  • One adjustable shelf (plus base)
  • Weighs 78kgs
  • External dimensions: 1,100 x 450 x 1,220mm (w,d,h)
  • Internal dimensions: 1,018 x 370 x 858mm (w,d,h)

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