Controlco Work Floor Ramp

SKU: 01-1024
Controlco Work Floor Ramp
Controlco Work Floor Ramp
Controlco Work Floor Ramp

Controlco Work Floor Ramp

SKU: 01-1024
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To get the best out of the superior protection Controlco Work Floors give, by guarding against workplace spills and contamination, we’d like to make an additional recommendation; the Controlco Work Floor Ramp. This customised ramp makes it easy to access both the Controlco Work Floor - Large and Controlco Work Floor - Small. Integrated locking pins hold the ramp securely in place, while an easy gradient and non-slip surface mean loading (or unloading) go super smoothly.

• 100% polyethylene - no rust or corrosion
• Non-slip slope surface
• Side walls keep loads on track
• Integrated locking pins secure ramp to Work Floor
• Max load: 500kgs
• Sump capacity: 112L
• Weight: 15kgs
• Dimensions: 180 x 810 x 1,290mm (h,w,d)

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