Controlco Bladder Attachment

SKU: 01-1075
Controlco Bladder Attachment

Controlco Bladder Attachment

SKU: 01-1075
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UV and chemical resistant, the Controlco Bladder Attachment replaces existing bladders, once they’re contaminated. Ready to connect to a Controlco Spill Deck it delivers an additional 208L of spill containment.

Only deploying once the Spill Deck’s sump is full, it is space efficient, and a reliable back-up that means there are no compliance headaches.

We’d say it’s wise to have a spare one on hand.

• UV and chemical resistant
• Automatically deploys once a Controlco Spill Deck sump is full
• Gives an additional 208L of spill containment
• Pre-drilled ports for easy installation
• Weight: 1.8kgs
• Dimensions: 1,676 x 1,473mm (h,w,d)

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