Static Spill Kits – An Overview

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What is a Spill Kit?

We always say there are two types: a spill kit and a good spill kit!

A spill kit is designed to give the user the ability to contain and clean-up a hazardous substance spill.  A good spill kit will do that but will also give the user the confidence that the contents are applicable for the substances in question (i.e. won’t react) and will work rapidly when put into action. The contents of a ‘good spill kit’ will always be action-ready because they won’t break down or go off when stored over time.

For a more detailed explanation of Spill Kits read our editorial here.

What are Static Spill Kits?

Prepacked into a very tough tub, these kits are designed for ready access right at the action.

Filled to the brim with a comprehensive line-up of absorbents and PPE, this response unit will see that those mid-sized workplace spill are rapidly controlled.

Static Spill Kits are available in three types; oil only, universal and aggressive. To find out which type you need, download our polypropylene compatibility guide here.

Oil Only | 13-1006

If there is a risk of oil or another hydrocarbon spilling into a nearby waterway, having the ability to quickly respond is critical.  This kit will selectively absorb up to 50 litres of hydrocarbons, without taking in a drop of water – making it invaluable for lifting an oil spill off water.

  • For oils, fuel and solvents - not water
  • Absorbs up to 50L per kit

Universal 13-1007

Designed with medium sized situations in mind, the universal nature of this kit means that it will absorb a very wide range of liquids, including those that are water based.  Excellent for paint stores, warehouses, larger workshops, fuel stores and many other applications.

  • For all mild liquids including water based
  • Absorbs up to 50L per kit

Aggressive | 13-1008

The perfect kit for those medium sized stores holding aggressive chemicals. Fitted out with chemical resistant absorbents and a base range of personal protective equipment, this kit will absorb harsh liquids quickly and help ensure you keep incidents safely within your control.

  • For all liquids including harsh acids
  • Absorbs up to 50L per kit

Are there other types of Spill Kits?

Yes, there are both different types and different sizes of spill kits. This is due to the variety of different liquids, the amount stored in each situation, and the level of risk for that particular area or location.

To view our full range of Spill Kits, click here. To read more on the different types of Spill Kits click here.

Creating safer working environments

At Hazero our mission is zero hazards. Our extensive range of quality products will help you store, contain and control and clean-up dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

View our full range of Controlco Static Spill Kits here.

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