Mobile Spill Kits – An Overview

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What is a Spill Kit?

We always say there are two types: a spill kit and a good spill kit!

A spill kit is designed to give the user the ability to contain and clean-up a hazardous substance spill.  A good spill kit will do that but will also give the user the confidence that the contents are applicable for the substances in question (i.e. won’t react) and will work rapidly when put into action. The contents of a ‘good spill kit’ will always be action-ready because they won’t break down or go off when stored over time.

For a more detailed explanation of Spill Kits read our editorial here.

What are Mobile Spill Kits?

A quick response is absolutely essential when dealing with spills of oils, fuel, chemical, and other contaminants. A Mobile Spill Kit is ready to take on the challenge and provide the protection that workers, workplaces and the environment need. The tough rubber wheels make these kits mobile, so they can be deployed at the right place at the right time. They’re well stocked with dedicated absorbents capable of dealing with the type of liquid or liquids in question, along with PPE gear to keep the responder safe. A tamper tag provides peace of mind that all essential products are there and ready to go.

Oil Only

The oil-only mobile kit is highly recommended for construction sites, fuel stations, ports and power stations. When the risk is solely or predominantly hydrocarbons (oils, fuels, solvents etc), and there may be a requirement to lift these off a waterway, this is the solution.  Available in both 100L, and 200L options, these kits are well stocked with specialist oil absorbent products to help protect the workplace and our wastewater, it also includes PPE gear to keep responders safe.


In large workshops, food product plants, and transport depots no two days are alike. Same for their spills. The Universal mobile kits will handle almost everything that’s thrown at them. An unmatchable first response tool these kits are packed with specialist absorbents that will help surround and clean-up an extensive range of slip and general nuisance-causing liquids, along with threats to workplace health and to our environment.


Any spills of hazardous goods are bad. But aggressive chemical spills hit it out of the park. The practical, easy to deploy aggressive kits keep the stuff of nightmares at bay – quickly, effectively and compliantly controlling spills so they can be cleaned up without causing harm to workers, the workplace, or our environment. For responder safety, these kits include PPE gear and spill response instructions for reference. That’s along with leading absorbent products and waste bags all specially designed for such an emergency.

Are there other types of Spill Kits?

Yes, there are both different types and different sizes of spill kits. This is due to the variety of different liquids, the amount stored in each situation, and the level of risk for that particular area or location.

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Creating safer working environments

At Hazero our mission is zero hazards. Our extensive range of quality products will help you store, contain and control and clean-up dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

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