Covid Related Products

Helping your workplace respond to COVID-19

The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has required workplaces to ensure they have safe working environments for their staff and the public. Hazero's mission is to create safer working environments through the storage, containment and control & clean-up of hazardous substances. While this is still our main focus, we've introduced a new range of COVID related products to help you continue to create a safer working environment in this rapidly changing environment. 


PPE Dispensers

If you have an increased stock of PPE on site, dispensers are a great solution to helping keep your workplace organised. Available in small, clear, boxes and through to larger mobile units, there is a storage solution no matter your needs. 

View the range here. 

Secondary containment

With an increase in cleaning solutions, secondary containment is a must! From containment booms to absorbent mats our range will help you create a safer working environment. 

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Need help with storing, containing or controlling and cleaning-up dangerous goods or hazardous substances?

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