Corporate Social Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility commitment

At Hazero, we understand that we have a responsibility to our employees, the public, and the environment. We are committed to our sustainability guidelines that aim to protect people and the environment.

For our people, the goal is that everyone should be able to go home every day unharmed.

For the environment, we help companies to manage hazardous and dangerous goods, to reduce waste, conserve resources and protect the environment including waterways and wildlife.

Under our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, we commit to continually review all our operations so we are always at the leading edge of best practice.

In addition, we work hard to raise awareness within the community, encourage participation in sound safety and environmental practices and provide exceptional training for our employees so they can guide and advise businesses on how to manage their hazardous materials.

Our CSR principles

  • Comply with any laws governing the environment, and actively look for ways to improve on these guidelines.

  • Conserve energy, water and resources in all our operations.

  • Strive to better understand both the direct and indirect impact that our practices may have on the environment.

  • Promote environmental awareness throughout all operations of the company.

  • Provide training/newsletters/posters to our employees on implementing our sustainable policies.

  • Dispose of waste thoughtfully

  • Inspire our employees and our customers to reduce, recycle, reuse materials

  • Lessen our environmental impact by purchasing environmentally friendly products and services.

  • Work with our supply chain in order to gain mutual benefits of incorporating environmentally sustainable goals into everyday business.

  • Review our business practices regularly, and determine whether each practice is suitable in an environmental context.

  • Have our practices audited independently, and determine whether our goals have been reached.


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